Preloader is an ajax page transitioning utility for your site and must be activated with caution. Also make sure you have Kioken Blocks plugin enabled since it relies on some javascript files coming with the plugin.

Preloader is not a simple loader but a container for your whole site, which at the enabling it turns your site into a single app.

What is it Good For?

  • Brochure Websites
  • Simple Shops
  • Blogs
  • Sites without many plugins

What is it NOT Good For?

  • Sites with many plugins that rely on css and javascript to be updated on each page
  • Plugins that are not supported in use with preloader active for this theme.


I have activated preloader but nothing happens. Now What?

Please make sure you activated the Kioken Blocks plugin for it to work properly.

External links on the site don’t work after enabling preloader. Why?

Preloader uses a javascript package that caches all your site’s links on hover and click. Because of that, any link that is not inside your site might cause breaking. The fix is easy though:

SOLUTION: Select “open in new tab” for the links that are outside your site’s url. OR, add a no-barba class to the links you don’t to be preloaded, and work like a normal page load.

My site uses a CSS/Javascript Minification Plugin and Site breaks when Preloader is enabled. Why?

Minification plugins merge your css and javascript files into a single file, or place them inside your html, inlining them. While it is good for page speed, it might cause Javascript errors. Most plugins like Autoptimize and Fast Velocity Minify tries to solve it by enabling an option where it says “if your javascript breaks enable this”. Most of the time enabling this option fixes the issues.

One other helpful solution is excluding the javascript files from plugin’s merge. Enter the following line for files to exclude in your plugin’s settings:

seal.js, js/jquery/jquery.js, barba-min.js, preload-ajax.js, preload-ajax-min.js, ignite-min.js, kiokenblocks-min.js, ScrollMagic.min.js, animation.gsap.min.js, TweenMax.min.js, ScrollToPlugin.min.js

Even though you make these changes, sometimes your site still might break. In that case, please consider disabling merging of Javascript.

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